About us

Focus-X Therapeutics, founded in 2020, is a preclinical stage biotechnology company committed to the discovery and development of cutting-edge radiopharmaceuticals.  We focus on unmet needs in cancer diagnosis and therapy by applying our theragnostic approach to solid tumors with very low five-year survival rate.  We bring our proprietary radioligand therapy (RLT) to precisely deliver alpha or beta emitters to breakdown cancer cell DNA.  As an emerging leader of RLT, our mission is to release the true potential of such modality by leveraging our world-class peptide drug discovery platform and joining force with top radiopharmaceutical partners.

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Our approach

We are pursuing both clinically validated targets and novel mechanisms to deliver our payloads to the target sites. Our proprietary peptide engineering platform enables high-quality optimization of the peptide ligand vectors for their biodistribution, binding affinity and in vivo stability. Such peptide expertise is complemented by our world-class radiopharmaceutical partners, ensuring the translation of our peptide vectors into superior radioligand theranostic agents. Our preferred clinical development candidates are true theranostic pairs powered by 68Ga64Cu18and 177Lu, 225Ac for diagnosis and therapy respectively.

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